The Kurfürstendamm belongs to certainly the most famous and most visited attractions in Berlin. This is how Berliners describe their 3.5 kilometre long boulevard, which spans from the Memorial Church to the residential area in West Berlin.

The avenue was first built in the years 1883 to 1886 and was initially created as a boulevard with adjoining bridle paths. The street quickly developed, along with its surrounding buildings into a popular meeting place in the heart of Berlin; aided with the gradual addition of numerous cafes, theatres and nightclubs that joined the street. At the beginning of the 20th Century the street was the ‘hottest’ place for the intellectuals and artists of Berlin.

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The Kurfürstendamm rapidly developed and particularly in the 20’s, represented the main axis of consumption in Berlin which was again made possible due to the economic boom. In the Second World War this image changed. The Kurfürstendamm became one of the most targeted goals for the allied bomb attacks and subsequently was almost razed entirely to the ground. Many of the magnificent buildings from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries were destroyed down to their foundations or demolished in their entirety.


Whilst the architecture around the Kurfürstendamm was soon rebuilt anew after the war, it could in no way compete with the splendid buildings that existed before the Second World War. Modern high-rise buildings and large concrete blocks were built, which changed the image of the street for a long time.

In later years the ‘eyesores’ of the past were realised and so attempts were made to back track as much as possible and create new, more magnificent buildings. As a result, today for example on Lenin Square there is the Berlin Stage – a theatre that is housed within a style of building modelled on the magnificent buildings of the twenties. Almost the entire upper part of the Kurfürstendamms has now been re-built and therefore once more enjoys popularity with tourists and shoppers. Here you will find numerous department stores and fashion shops from all the trendiest labels in the world. Also recommended for a large shopping trip are the side streets of the Kurfürstendamms and in particular the Fasanenstraße (Pheasant road) which is considered the classiest shopping street in the city.

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