Anyone interested in the culture of Berlin does not necessarily have to visit a church or other historical buildings. There are now modern alternatives! One of these is the new Tempodrom. The characteristic white building made of reinforced concrete with a roof that resembles a tent is now located at the ‘Anhalter’ train station and serves as a venue for numerous cultural activities.

Tempodrom Berlin
Source: pixelio.de         Photographer: Tina Gössl

Originally the Tempodrom was founded in 1980 at the Potsdamer Platz. It was at first a small tent that was initially set up in the Tiergarten and was the venue for concerts and theatrical performances. At that time the Tempodrom served as a kind of secret amongst visitors to Berlin.

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As Berlin was in the 90’s returned to being the German capital, the Tiergarten had to be almost entirely rebuilt in order to make space for the governmental buildings – consequently the space for the Tempodrom was lost.

However as the concept had proven extremely successful in recent years, a much bigger Tempodrom was built at the Anhalter Station. The building work took two years in total during which a temporary solution was to house it in the ‘Ostbahnhof’. In the year 2000 the new Tempodrom in the Anhalter Station was established.

The new Tempodrom is separated into two arenas allowing separate events to occur simultaneously. Today all kinds of cultural and sporting events take place here including for example, plays, concerts, artistic shows and sports competitions. Additionally, in 2007 the Tempodrom was extended by the addition of the Liquidrom, a wellness-spa with natural salt water and numerous special effects.


Adress: Tempodrom, Möckernstraße 10-25, 10965 Berlin

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