Berlin Underworld (Unterwelten)

The so called Berlin Underworld at first sight, has nothing to do with being a tourist attraction, rather it is a registered association in the capital city. The goal of this association is to discover old air-raid shelter, sewers, forgotten cellars and everything else to which lies beneath the earth, and to make these things available to the public eye.

For visitors this can be tremendously exciting. Here the history of Berlin comes to life. In old bunkers from the Second World War one can still read the inscriptions on the walls and can find some completely original equipment. Through the guided tours by members of the association, these wonderful relics from the past can be explored.

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As many of the documents which described the lives of those in the Berlin Underworld were lost in the turmoil of the Second World War, the members of the Berlin Underworld association are always discovering new, fascinating objects. In this way several ‘ghost-stations’ have been found which were built during the course of the Second World War but were never put into operation.

Meanwhile the association no longer just occupies itself with objects under the ground. Bunkers and other buildings from around the time of the Second World War or the Cold War are now also researched by it, and made available to the public. At the same time, the association has in the past restored and reconstructed numerous objects which are now part of a museum.

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For a tourist in Berlin looking for some excitement and thrills, the guided tour through the Berlin Underworld can be highly recommended. However one should be good on foot and ideally not suffer from claustrophobia to really make the most of the tour. However there is no need to be scared in any way as prior to being made available for public viewing the objects are structurally examined and appropriately secured.


Adress: Berliner Unterwelten, Brunnenstraße 105, 13355 Berlin


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