Hackesche Höfe
Source: pixelio.de         Photographer: Biggi

The Hackesche Höfe should be a familiar concept by now with all Berlin’s night revellers. They form the centre of a recently arisen nightlife district, which amongst other things houses numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. The area has become particularly popular amongst young people and is one of the hottest venues in Berlin’s nightlife.

The history of the Hackeschen Höfe dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. A huge complex of buildings made up of eight different courtyards was built in which apartments were located in addition to factories, offices and shops. Subsequently the Hackeschen Höfe developed into Germany’s largest housing and commerce yard. In hardly any other place is Berlin’s Backyard culture as alive as in that of the Hackeschen Höfe.

Hackesche Höfe
Source: pixelio.de         Photographer: Michael Leps

However over the years most of the buildings fell into disrepair and bit by bit became uninhabitable. A group of artists and architects remembered the original idea and wanted to revive this again in the nineties. Finally the individual yards were lovingly restored and returned to their true purpose.

Today the yards are above all, a meeting point for supporters of art and culture and are home to numerous galleries, arts and crafts shops in addition to several architectural firms. In addition one will find a movie theatre, a cabaret and a court theatre accommodated here. Visitors can also treat themselves to culinary delights in the various bars and restaurants.

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Conclusion: the Hackeschen Höfe now constitute one of the hippest meeting points in all of Berlin and should certainly be planned in for anyone visiting the city; at the least for those interested in art and culture and who like to make night into day.

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