Are you a fan of theatre and drama performances, but wish to see something other than the well known established shows?

If so then a visit to the Sophiensäle in the former craft-work house in the Sophienstraße is recommended. It is the main production site for free theatre, dance and drama in all of Germany. Here international artists perform who were often rejected from other places as a result of their provocative or simply different styles of work

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The classical theatre often has rigid structures in place which are not flexible enough to give space to new and unconventional ideas. This is what artists in the Sophiensälen are given.

The concept of the theatre is broadly defined here. Classical-theatre performances as well as concerts, exhibitions, debates and productions take place here. Due to this, current developments in our society are strongly portrayed throughout the performances. Here visitors are able to experience different and unconventional ideas.

Meanwhile many companies and other partners promote the projects that arise in the Sophiensälen. One can hence recognise that the independent theatre scene has now significantly developed and no longer exists merely in the shadows.

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A special highlight is the dancing days in Berlin which since 2001 occurs annually. This event has subsequently developed in to the most important platform in Berlin for young, aspiring choreographers. Moreover, throughout the year further festivals and activities take place in the Sophiensälen.

To avoid being almost ‘beaten’ to death with the large variety of different events, one should find out about the current performances before planning a visit to the Sophiensälen. A trip to this place of independent art is worthwhile in any case!


Adress: Sophiensäle, Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin


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