Bellevue Palace

What the Reichstag is for the German Bundestag is what Bellevue Palace is for the president. Since 1994 this has been his first and official residence.

Schloss Bellevue - Bellevue Palace
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The building was erected during the early period of classicism between the years of 1785 – 1786, designed by the architect Philip Daniel Boumann. It consists of a main building with two wings on the right and left hand sides. The left hand side is colloquially known as the ‘Queens’ wing whilst the right side is known as the ‘Spree’ wing.

Overall the Bellevue Palace is relatively level, which is also due to its neo-classical design. The wings are made up of three floors, whilst the main building in contrast is only two stories high. The façade is richly decorated with sandstone ornaments which depict amongst other things, scenes from the lives of farmers and other parts of the society. The heart of the Palace is the grand ballroom which is now a representative area that serves as the president’s receiving room for state guests.

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Around the middle of the 19th Century, Bellevue palace fell noticeably into disrepair and was thereafter no longer occupied. Only in the thirties of the 20th Century did the Government at the time find a use for the building - by converting it into a guest house. These alterations did not last long however as, during the course of the Second World War the Palace was razed to the ground.

During the fifties, Palace Bellevue was rebuilt and became the second official residence for the German President. During the crossover of the German capital from Bonn to Berlin the Palace since 1994 once again became the first official residence of the president.

The castle itself is not open to the public; however the exterior itself and the surrounding grounds are sufficient to make a visit worthwhile in any case.


Adress: Schloss Bellevue, Spreeweg 1, 10557 Berlin


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