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We have already presented on this website a whole host of highlights and attractions from all of Berlin. What else could be missing? Correct: eroticism has thus far been neglected; it is time to change that.

Even if not many German citizens admit it - almost everyone knows about the now deceased icon of German eroticism – Beate Uhse. She built an empire essentially out of nothing, that now makes millions of Euros in sales each year and whose headquarters are in Berlin. The founder of the company fulfilled her life long dream in the opening of this Museum. It offers both an overview of the ‘Beate Uhse’ products and also the history of love and sexuality in general. Even topics such as love and sex in art, films and other media do not miss out here.

There are over 2000 square metres of exhibition space in total which are divided into different zones. The equipment in the museum is very modern, so for example, advanced 3-Dimensional projectors and interactive elements are in use. The museum aims not just to be a place of observation but a place where you can touch and participate.

In the historical area of the museum, there are for example Chinese and Japanese scrolls from hundreds of years ago, oriental harem scenes and all kinds of phallic symbols created all around the world. Furthermore, the history of contraception is outlined in detail and there is a documentary about the sexual revolution and enlightenment in both Germany and other countries.

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In total this privately owned museum includes some 5,000 exhibits. It is located directly above a ‘Beate Uhse’ branded sex shop in City-West, and in close proximity to Kurfürstendam and the Bahnhof-Zoo.


Adress: Erotik Museum Beate Uhse, Joachimsthaler Strasse 4, 10623 Berlin

Opening: Monday to Saturday 9am to 11pm, Sunday 1pm to 11pm


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