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As a child were you ever enthralled by the game Hare and Hound? If so then the Berlin Rally is just the event for you. The rally is comparable to a grown-up version of the game Hare and Hound. The participants are equipped with a special tour-book containing all kinds of tasks and questions which, the participants have to solve and answer whilst on their tour of the city.

The only tool they are given is a map of the city.

All questions and tasks build on one another; hence the questions have to be answered in the correct order to find the secret targets of the rally. To achieve this, the participants need to create a strong team and work collectively with flair, creativity and skill. A wild ceremony awaits the participants on reaching the goal.

At the Berlin Rally individuals, as well as couples and small groups can participate. There is a distinction between open and closed rallies. The open rallies take place each year between May and September on Saturdays at 3pm. The meeting point is the Berliner Dom.

Before the rally starts a small snack awaits all participants, following this the instructors explain the rules of the rally. Any relevant material is subsequently issued and the participants can set on their ways. According to the rules they must, on foot puzzle their way through a predetermined route and solve all the tasks set. Apart from the accompanied sight-seeing, people have to be questioned in order to solve the set tasks. In doing so, the participants of the rally will simultaneously get to know some of the locals. For businesses, school trips etc. the option of having a closed rally with only designated individuals, is available. The organiser is flexible to accommodate the wishes and needs of his clients. Hence the route in addition to the tasks set for the tour can be individually catered and altered.

The instructors ensure that none of the participants are overwhelmed during the rally. Hence it is not just very sporty people that can participate in this event. The fun here is in the foreground and not in attaining some sort of sporting excellence.

So whoever is curious and interested in taking part in the Berlin Rally should, firstly inform themselves about it on the internet and if necessary get in touch with the organisers. Payment – according to the rules, can not be made in advance rather must be done before the start of the event by transferring the funds to the organiser’s account. All necessary information can be found on the internet.

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