Gruselkabinett (Chamber of horrors)

In a former air raid shelter at the Anhalter train station the Berlin Chamber of Horrors is now located. For those who can not imagine what this entails: the chamber of horrors is a combination between a ghost train, museum and exhibition. On a total of three floors, countless exhibits are displayed which should give visitors the ‘creeps’ – of course we won’t reveal any more details here.

The chamber of horrors is the perfect location for Berlin visitors who, wish to be entertained in a different way to the typical sightseeing tours.

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Even the gloomy atmosphere of the air raid shelter from the Second World War is enough in itself to give some visitors the creeps. Whoever then wanders through the dark rooms and sees the somewhat spectacular exhibits will be aghast!

The Berlin Chamber of Horrors has been opened since 2007. It took a great amount of effort and persuasion – in particular with the authorities, to collate all the relevant permits allowing the old air raid shelter to be converted into this special museum. However the effort was worth it!

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As mentioned earlier, we will not reveal what exhibits await you there. What we will reveal is; the Chamber of Horrors consists of several themed areas. Included in this along with other things are a ‘figure cabinet’ containing model replicas of figures from literature and film, and also spectacular scenes for example from historical medicine, which can churn your stomach.

But beware: some of the exhibits may look life like!


Adress: Gruselkabinett, Schöneberger Straße 23, 10963 Berlin

Openings: Monday 10am - 3pm
(on holidays: Monday 10am - 7pm),
Sunday/Tuesday/Thirsday/Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 12am-8pm, Wednesday closed


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