Travelling in Berlin

For people who have not brought their own cars to Berlin and have a free hand to move around the capital, there are various transport options at their disposal, with which almost every desired destination in Berlin can be quickly reached.

If you are not quite sure exactly which different modes of transport or other options are available to you, then here you can learn of the best tips and tricks to be cheaply and quickly on your way in Berlin.

Public Transport

Public Transport in Berlin

The classical transport includes bus, train/U-Bahn (metro) and taxi. The transport network in Berlin is very well developed enabling you to reach almost every destination in Berlin within a short amount of time using public transport. This is in particular due to the Berlin U-Bahn which has one of the most extensive rail networks in Europe. However one must be aware that particularly during peak times there are often dense crowds in the carriages. In some cases the trains are so crowded that one has to wait a few minutes for the next train.

With regards to the buses – a distinction has to be made between the normal route buses and the specially prepared buses for tourists. These are often the familiar double-decker buses which either have an open roof or one made of glass thus enabling an optimal view of the buildings and places in the city. These are can be optimally discovered during a city tour.

Bicycle Tours

However it is not only with the Berlin tourist buses that the city can be well explored. Meanwhile various bicycle lenders are offering tours through Berlin on bikes. Noteworthy are the primary suppliers ‘Berlin on Bike’ in Prenzlauer Berg and the ‘Fahrradstation’ in the Dorotheenstrasse in Berlin Mitte. Both suppliers undertake daily bicycle tours throughout Berlin in which one can choose between different routes, difficulty levels and price ranges.

Numerous smaller companies also offer guided city tours via bus, mini-bus or even cars.

Videobus und Panoramabahn

Something new on offer is the so called ‘Video-bus tour’ established by the same company with headquarters in ‘Unter den Linden 40’ in Berlin Mitte. It is a city tour undertaken in a specially prepared bus from which you can not only see the well known attractions, but also watch historical films which closely depict the earlier life of these well known places. Further more, the opportunity to explore Berlin via the S-Bahn is also possible. For this purpose there is a special ‘panaroma-train’ which runs from the Ostbahnhof throughout the entire city. A special tip for tourists!


Another secret tip is the recently established Segway Tours established by the providers ‘City Segway Tours’. Using bizarre one person-electric scooters one can select different routes through the capital – from the 90minute trial route to the complete Berlin Mitte tour which, takes approximately four hours. For more information visit

Berlin on foot

However even on foot there are many ways in which to explore the capital. For example the previously mentioned company i.e. ‘Berliner Unterwelten e.V’ offers guided walks through the underground shelters and bunkers in Berlin. A unique experience for the adventurous!

Furthermore there are also guided audio tours of Berlin through which one can obtain detailed audio information about each attraction via a set of headphones. In addition there are several vendors that organise special adventure tours or ‘treasure hunts’ for adults in the capital. More information can be obtained for example at

Berlin from the air

Of course one could also discover Berlin from the air, either by plane or helicopter. Information on all types of flights can be obtained for example from: or

However these flights are not cheap and those travelling should have no fear of flying.

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