The known and the unknown of a world metropolis

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

If you were to ask people both in Germany and abroad which German city is most important, 99% of the answers would likely be: Berlin. The capital city of the federal republic of Germany impresses with an exciting and eventful history, with cosmopolitan and tolerant people and a special flair that can be found nowhere else in the world. In addition to this Berlin is the seat for the German government and its chancellor.

If you have never been to Berlin then this city could be dismissed as just a ‘normal’ city without any special attractions attributed to it. However this is wrong. Berlin isn’t just a big city - it is a very special place. It is rare to find a Berliner that is not proud of this city and wants to live exclusively in it. We want to get to the bottom of why this is the case whilst at the same time discovering some of the attractions of Berlin.

Both well known and not so well known places in the city will aid us in this task and will be researched with much curiosity and interest. We want to present to you a young and unconventional Berlin in which the established attractions are impressively mixed in with new, exciting and largely unknown places. In this way we can offer each visitor to the city the best in venues and attractions. Those who prefer the ‘conventional’ can select the well known tourist attractions e.g. the Reichstag building, the TV tower, the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate. For those who on the other hand love the unconventional and prefer an alternative to the typical tourist paths, will find enough information on this site to ensure that Berlin does not become boring on any account.

Our Internet site is however not just intended for newcomers to the city. Even those who know Berlin, and who think that they have visited every attraction and every place in the city will be amazed at the new things they will find here.

Come with us on a fascinating journey and discover the most important city in Germany, a vibrant and modern metropolis with ubiquitous and lively history. Simply Berlin!

We wish you much fun in marvelling, discovering and travelling.

Weltmetropole Berlin
Source:         Photographer: Peter Kirchhoff

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