Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden
Source: pixelio.de         Photographer: Frank Hüls

The Zoological Garden in Berlin is the oldest zoo in Germany and also one of the largest zoos in the world. It was opened in the year of 1844.

Its opening was significantly due to Alexander von Humboldt who as things began to develop, employed the famous Africa-researcher – Liectenstein as the zoo’s first director. The architect of the zoo was Joseph Peter Lenné.

The king at the time – Friedrich Willhelm IV was so impressed by the facility that he donated animals to the zoological garden from his own menagerie and pheasant house. The zoo however at that was far from its current proportions. Over the decades and centuries it was rebuilt and extended several times until it finally reached its present size.

Polar Bears in Zoological Garden
Source: pixelio.de         Photographer: Andrea Zachert

In relation to biodiversity, the Berlin Zoo is considered the most important in the world. It includes a total of approximately 20, 000 animals divided into approximately 1,500 different species. In order to retain its status the zoological garden in Berlin has in recent years been enriched with many new attractions. Hence visitors can for example, see one of the largest aquariums in Europe, in which entire coral reefs have been accurately recreated and which impresses with its diversity of fish and other marine life.

Furthermore, the largest bird house in all of Europe can be found in the Berlin zoo. Throughout the year numerous events take place in the zoological garden for example night tours, themed expeditions or diving into the aquarium.

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Several years ago the Berlin Zoo once again caused a furore when the Polar bear baby - Knut was born. Almost the entire nation participated in this spectacle and the zoological garden received a record breaking number of visitors. Since the baby bear has now grown up, the zoo has returned to its more peaceful state.

Even without a polar bear baby, visitors to Berlin should not leave the city without once visiting the zoological garden.


Adress: Zoologischer Garten , Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin

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