Berlin Cathedral

The history of the Berlin Cathedral can be traced back to medieval times. Already in the year 1465 a parish and cathedral were erected on the Spree-Island. In the following centuries this church was constantly remodelled and extended until finally in the year 1894, Kaiser Willhelm II on the advice of the former cathedral architect Julius Carl Raschdorff, completely demolished the old cathedral.

Berlin Cathedral
Source:         Photographer: Wolfgang Hackenberg

In its place the Kaiser ordered the construction of a new building which represented an ensemble of different church buildings. It housed amongst other things, a memorial church, and a sermon church in addition to a baptismal and matrimonial church. In addition, a dome was erected which with its four corner towers and a total height of over 110 metres represented the tallest building in the city at the time.

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Even the interior of the cathedral could be lavished with superlatives, through which it by far embodied the most feudal religious buildings in Germany. As with so many buildings in the capital, the end of the Berlin Cathedral came during the course of the Second World War. As a result of fire bombs dropped during the numerous raids by the allied forces, the Berlin Cathedral was almost completely destroyed.

Due to an initial lack of funds after the war, the reconstruction dragged out over a 30 year period. It was not until the late seventies that concrete plans for reconstruction were finally laid down. The external work took until 1983 to complete. Added to this was a completely new interior whose completion took approximately 10 years, hence it was only in 2002 that the entire new Berlin Cathedral could be consecrated.

With its imposing appearance and rich history the Berlin Cathedral represents one of the most famous attractions in the capital city. A visit to this building should not be missed off a sightseeing tour of Berlin.


Adress: Berliner Dom, Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin

Openings: Monday to Saturday 09am - 8pm, Sunday 12am - 8pm


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