Nature Park ‘Südgelände’

Source:         Photographer: Suedberliner

Something which is away from the tourist bustle in Berlin is the Nature Park Südgelände. In many tourist guide books this park is not even listed, so here you have the chance to experience a piece of ‘original’ Berlin, in which you will not find hoards of tourists treading on one another’s toes.

The Südgelände Nature Park is an approximately 18-acre park which was originally used as a railway marshalling yard and depot. It was the hub for the Dresden railway as well as the Anhalter railway. However in the fifties of the 20th century many stations were closed in and around Berlin, and entire railway lines shut down. The same occurred for this site.

As a result of being neglected for many years the site fell rapidly into disrepair and was re-conquered by nature. Little by little some rare plant and animal species started to inhabit this area. In the 90s this bio diversity was observed and finally in 1999 the entire site came under protection. In the years to follow work began to make the site into an accessible nature-park.

The central feature of the Südgelände Park today is the large water tower. However there is much more than this to discover. All over the park one finds remnants of the former railway buildings and tracks in addition to many old locomotives. Whoever comes here has so much to discover.

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Due to the undisturbed nature and the special atmosphere, it has resulted in many artists now using the park as a workplace – sitting somewhere in the middle of the park to work. Of course as a visitor to Berlin, the park also stands at your disposal for an exciting outing.


Adress: Naturpark Südgelände, Prellerweg, 12157 Berlin


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