Charlottenburg Palace

Schloss Charlottenburg - Charlottenburg Palace
Source:         Photographer: Tom Kleiner

Schloss Charlottenburg - Charlottenburg Palace
Source:         Photographer: Michael Struppek

An absolute must for Berlin tourists is the Charlottenburg Palace. It was created upon inspiration by the French showpiece- the Versailles Palace in the years 1965 – 99 and was initially the summer residence for the wife of the Elector Friedrich III.

In the 18th Century the castle was rebuilt and expanded in several ways, for example the grand Orangery in the west wing, as well as the domed-tower were added to the central section. In addition the main building was extended sideways to enclose a courtyard. Later a western wing was added and the castle was supplemented with a theatre.

Surrounding the Palace Charlottenburg, a large park was built which till today is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Berlin – open to both locals and tourists. Here one can relax away from the stress of the big city and enjoy the abundance of flowers.

Over the centuries the Palace had several owners and was at times more, and at other times less in use, until it was finally like so many buildings in Berlin, damaged during the Second World War. Only a few parts of the palace were preserved whilst other parts were completely destroyed.

In the fifties the reconstruction work of the Charlottenburg Palace began and spanned over many years. Not only was the outer façade accurately restored, but also the interior was rebuilt as best as possible to reflect its original form. Today the Palace amazes with its numerous themed rooms – for example, the Rococo Hall, the grand Oak gallery or the Golden Galerie. A particular attraction in the Palace is the historical porcelain cabinet in which numerous valuable porcelain pieces - examples of Chinese and Japanese work, are displayed.

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In the former ‘theatre-wing’ of the Palace there is today a museum of pre and early history, in which some of the excavations of the world famous archaeologist – Heinrich Schlieman, are displayed. Furthermore the Charlottenburg Palace houses an attractive mausoleum in which, alongside other things the remains of Friedrich Willhelm III and Queen Louise are located.


Adress: Schloss Charlottenburg, Spandauer Damm 10, 14059 Berlin

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