The Victory Column

The Victory Column
Source:         Photographer: P. Kirchhoff

Next to the Brandenburg Gate is the Victory Column; the most important landmark in the city of Berlin. The column was originally erected as a national monument during the unification wars. It found its place directly in front of the Reichstag building in today’s ‘Platz der Republik’ (Republic Square); previously known as Königsplatz (King’s Square).

The Victory Column was designed by Heinrich Strack in 1864. The Golden Victoria (also called the ‘Gold Elsie’ by Berliners) which today crowns the Victory Column was however added later - after the Prussians had gained some victories over opponents such as France and Austria.

In the wake of Nazism the Victory Column should have become a symbol for the new capital city ‘Germania’. For this reason it was raised up to a height of 67 metres. As the plans for the new capital were finally completed it was realised that the Victory Column could not remain in its original place. Consequently it was permitted for the Column to be dismantled and then re-located to the Großer Stern (Great Star) in Berlin’s animal park.

Surprisingly the Victory Column withstood the Second World War without much damage. However, at the end of the war the Allies ordered the added decorations, which predominantly depicted war scenes, to be removed from the column. It was only in the 80’s that these decorations were re-attached so that today the Victory Column stands to be seen in its original form.

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The Victory Column can not only just be seen from the outside. It also offers a viewing platform for visitors from which one can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Berlin.


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