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This is for once, not an individual attraction, rather an entire district in Berlin. The talk is about Köpenick, which in the opinion of many Berlin residents, is the most beautiful neighbourhood in the south of the metropolis.

This is where Berliners come to if they want to relax away from the big city. Thereby Köpenick has much nature to offer and attracts with its extensive walkways. In particular the so called Müggel hills in which hikers will get their walks-worth! Whoever wishes to simply relax and have fun can do so at the biggest lake in Berlin – the Müggel-lake – which is also located in the district of Köpenick

Source: pixelio.de         Photographer: Rolf Handke

Anyone who has had enough of nature and relaxing should definitely make a detour into the historical centre of the Köpenick district. It is enthralling with its beautiful small historical houses in a ‘märkischen’ style which today house many shops, boutiques and studios. A highlight is the Köpenick town hall which was built early in the 20th Century, and even includes a tower which originally served as a vantage point or watch tower.

So if you are already on a culture trip in Köpenick, a visit to the castle should not be missed off your visitor-wish list. It is located on an individual island and was built in the years 1677 – 81. This makes it the oldest castle in all of Berlin. It has been kept in a Baroque style with clear Dutch influences. Whilst the actual castle had already been built, gradually more extensions were added.

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Today the castle Köpenick can not only be seen by tourists from the outside, but also from the inside as for approximately 6 years to date, it has housed a remarkable museum for decorative arts. During the conversion of the castle into a museum it was newly renovated and since than exudes a special lustre.

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