‘Olympiastadion’- Olympic Stadium

A relic from the time shortly before the outbreak of World War II is the Berlin Olympic stadium. It was built in the years between 1935 and 36 and was initially used to host the Olympic Games in 1936. The original name at this time was ‘Reichssportfeld’ and not the ‘Olympiastadion’.

The Olympic Stadium is still in operation today. It can accommodate approximately 75,000 spectators and served as the venue for the finals of the football World Cup in 2006. It is also the home stadium for the Berlin football club ‘Hertha BSC’. Other major sporting events such as the World Athletics Championships are also held in this stadium.

Olympic Stadium
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The Olympia Stadium is however only a part of a larger area which includes other institutions. One of these is the ‘Waldbühne’ (Forest stage) – a sort of amiptheatre in which primarily, music concerts are held. In addition to this, during times of the third Reich the so called May field – a large open area on the Olympic site was often used; functions such as propaganda events were held here.

Another attraction around the Olympic stadium is the bell tower. It is open to visitors, who can enjoy a wonderful view over the entire Olympic site from it. This bell tower also includes a replica of the Olympic bell from the year 1936 and in addition to this houses an exhibition about the entire history of the site.

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The Olympic stadium is still regarded today as an object of the megalomania of the Nazi dictatorship.

By means of the monumental architecture one can see the kind of ideas held by the superiors of the German Reich led by Adolph Hitler.

Over the years the Olympic stadium has been repeatedly restored and partially rebuilt. Today a large part is now covered so that the spectators at sporting events can predominantly sit in the dry.


Adress: Olympiastadtion, Olympischer Platz 3, 14053 Berlin

Openings: normally open (except events or football plays) between 9am to 7pm, November to mid of march 9am to 4pm

Website: http://www.olympiastadion-berlin.de/

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