Fairy-tale Cottage

Do you think that fairy-tales are only for children? If so then you should visit the ‘Fairy-tale Hut’ in Monbijoupark in Berlin Mitte.

It is a small theatre in which fairy-tales are presented in a very special way for both adults and children. During the day the children’s events take place, whilst in the evening programmes for adults are held. As a result every day there are up to five different performances that take place.

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Whoever expects the ‘Märchenhütte’ to be a pompous theatre will be in for a surprise. The building in which the whole thing takes place is a real cottage that is approximately 200 years old. It originates from deep within the Polish forests and could readily find a place within each fairy tale that is told.

In addition to the set performances, each Monday ‘improvised’ performances take place. During these events, two teams of actors have to play to win the favour of the public. Each fairy tale performed here is completely improvised so has no script. The public can vote afterwards as to which team should win.

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A visit to the Fairy-Tale Cottage is definitely worth while as here fairy-tales are not simple re-enacted rather are interpreted in a very special way. Consequently the focus is on getting the audience to laugh and to create an enjoyable experience.

One can look at the current programme at any time via the Internet by going to www.maerchenhuette.de . Admission fees are more than reasonable for the programmes offered, ranging from eight to ten Euros. We wish you much fun in watching, listening and being amazed!


Adress: Märchenhütte, Monbijoupark, 10119 Berlin

Website: http://www.maerchenhuette.de/

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