Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum
Source:         Photographer: J.Jünger

A very special building in Berlin is the Jewish Museum which opened in 1999. Since September of 2001 the collection of artefacts has been completed and can be admired by visitors. There is hardly another building which gives way to so much contemporary architecture as this monument. The outer form is inspired by a broken-up Star of David and at first glances appears uninviting and cold.

Directly above spans the great Baroque building, which is also included in the famous Berlin Museum. The plans for the Museum were the duty of the architect Daniel Liebskind, who is also of Jewish origin.

For visitors to Berlin the Jewish Museum is particularly worth visiting on Mondays. On this day the gates are open until 10pm in the evening, and in addition from 6pm several tours take place. For ones physical well being the Museum provides a restaurant called Liebermand in which live music is played from 6pm every Monday.

The interior of the Museum tells of the extraordinary intensity of the life of those Jews living in Germany - in particular during the time of the Third Reich. One of the attractions here is the so called ‘Holocaust Tower’ which is located next to the exhibition rooms. The windowless, very tall room is evidence of the oppression which the Jews were subjected to everywhere during the times of National Socialism. Also worth seeing is the so called ‘Void’, the main axis of the Museum which runs through all the exhibition rooms. It divides the rooms and demonstrates the vehemence with which the entire Jewish society was oppressed, antagonised and finally destroyed during the times of hardship.

However it is not just inside the Jewish Museum that visitors can expect a decidedly oppressive atmosphere. The outdoor’ Garden of Exile’ has been created, which with its characteristic bleakness also represents the difficult conditions during the times of persecution of German Jews.

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For some people it is not easy to view everything. Nevertheless a trip to the Jewish Museum is commanded for each visitor to the city. Respect for the Jewish culture demands that the atrocities of the past are not forgotten. The Jewish Museum in Berlin is a big contributor towards achieving this.


Adress: Jüdisches Museum, Lindenstrasse 9-14, 10969 Berlin


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