Regierungsviertel (Government District)

Regierungsviertel (Government District)
Source:         Photographer: Martin Gapa

In the nineties after the reunification and after the plans had begun to return Berlin to being the capital city, sufficient space had to be found within the city to accommodate all future government buildings.

After careful consideration the zoo was selected which between 1999 and 2001 was extensively rebuilt. As a symbol of the regained connection between East and West the entire government district in the form of the so called “band of federal buildings” was built; it is like a long elongated arch that spans over the river Spree and hence bridges the East and West.

The heart of the government district is the Reichstag, in which the German parliament is today located. Beside it is the Chancellor’s office – a 2001 completed, very modern new building which is now the Chancellor’s headquarters.

Numerous other buildings are part of the government district in which for example the parliamentary library or parliamentary administrative institutions are contained.

In addition, numerous foreign embassies are located within the government district. Next to the Chancellery for example, lies the Swiss embassy which is housed in a former mansion, and all the Scandinavian embassies as well as the Mexican embassy are located in this district.

Regierungsviertel (Government District)
Source:         Photographer: Heinz Liebisch

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Moreover the Bellevue Palace- the presidential headquarters in addition to the 1998 completed presidential office are both part of the government district.

For visitors, the government district is always worth a visit. You can for example observe meetings held by the Bundestag in the Reichstag from a designated visitor’s terrace, in addition to taking a guided tour around the entire district.

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