Museum of ‘Unheard of things’

Some people don’t know where to start when it comes to museums. They are bored by the exhibits and find the atmosphere stuffy and conservative. It is precisely for these types of people – and off course for anyone else, that a visit to the Museum of Unheard of Things is particularly recommended.

It is a Museum that is somewhat different to all others. It does not have a specific theme and to begin with, the exhibits appear in a hodge podge that someone has randomly put together.

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In theory this is not so far off. The attraction of this museum however, is that each exhibit that is presented here has a very special story behind it. Or if you look at it the other way around – stories are told to which an object displayed in the museum is assigned. These can be very true stories but also myths and legends.

The collection in the ‘Museum of Unheard of Things’, consists of both scientific and technical exhibits, as well as artistic objects and simple things from every-day life. Amongst the exhibits for example is a piece of Iron from Chernobyl, which a worker smuggled out of the ‘Death zone’ with the greatest effort. Also included is a stone which Thomas Mann found on the beach of Usedom whilst in rehabilitation; thereafter he always carried the stone on his body and called it his ‘chest stone’.

It is not the objects themselves, rather the stories behind them which captivates and draws in visitors to the Museum. As an example take the remnants from a plane crash in Peru. In the first half of the 19th century a plane crashed there on rugged terrain. All but one of the passengers were killed in this crash. This one passenger however, survived the crash almost unscathed and wandered alone in the jungle for weeks. He was finally found and emerged from the entire experience alive. In memory of this miracle the screws on display here represent remnants from the plane crash.

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We will not reveal more at this point. Whoever now has a desire to visit the ‘Museum of Unheard Things’ can find it in Berlin- Schöneberg in the ‘Crellestraße’. We wish you much fun in browsing and discovering!


Adress: Museum der unerhörten Dinge, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin


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