Memorial to the German Resistance

Memorial to the German Resistance
Source:         Photographer: Hans-Georg Weimar

There is hardly a city in German that still remembers the time of the dictatorship of the Nazis during the Third Reich as much as Berlin. The entire leadership of the Third Reich was located in Berlin, of which many buildings and facilities are reminiscent.

However, resistance to this regime of terror was formed in many parts of the city. In memory of great resistance fighters like Oberst Claus Schenk Grad from Stauffenberg, the German Resistance Memorial was built - located in the southern part of the ‘Tiergarten’ in the so called Bendlerblock.

The history of the Bendlerblock: In this building, parts of the High Command of the German Armed Forces were housed during the Second World War; for instance the general Army Office or even the admiralty. The leader of the general Army Office from 1943 was said to be the Count of Stauffenberg, who on 20th July 1944 attempted to assassinate Adolph Hitler in his “Wolf’s Lair” headquarters. However, through unforeseen circumstances Hitler survived the attack unharmed. Consequently the proposed coup attempt was unsuccessful. As a result, Count Stauffenberg and three of his assistants were arrested that same evening, and brought to the courtyard of the Bendlerblocks. Here they were executed.

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The so called courtyard of the Bendlerblocks is thus a central feature of the Memorial to the German Resistance. In 1952 the foundations had already been laid for the reconstruction of the courtyard and a memorial was built. Around the courtyard the entire Resistance Memorial was built and which since 1968, also houses an education centre. Here you will find a permanent exhibition about the ‘Resistance against National Socialism’.

In 1989 the entire exhibition was modernised and expanded and now by means of more than 5000 pictures and other documents, details the history of the Resistance against National Socialism. A visit to this memorial should be certainity for tourists to Berlin.


Adress: Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand, Stauffenbergstraße 13 - 14, D-10785 Berlin-Mitte

Openings: Monday to Wednesday and Friday 9am - 6pm, Thursday 9am - 8pm, Saturday, Sunday and holyday


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