Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) Castle

For some visitors Berlin simply becomes too much over time. The constant hustle and bustle, the noise and the vibrant city life – this is not something that everyone is used to on the long term. Many visitors are thus drawn to visit the outskirts of Berlin or the surrounding Havel landscape between Berlin and Potsdam.

Again there are many attractions here which one should by no means miss on a Berlin-visit. The nicest of these attractions according to many locals and visitors is the Pfaueninsel Castle. This castle was given its name due to the idyllic little island on which it lies – i.e. Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island). Surrounding the castle there are extensive landscaped gardens, which were predominantly laid out by the famous landscape Gardner Joseph Lenné. The castle itself was built by Friedrich Wilhelm II, however was not intended for himself rather for his former mistress, the Countess Lichtenau.

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As was architecturally fashionable at the time, the castle has been built in a medieval style; including a part of the building that appears as if in ruins (this was planned from the outset and is not an effect of age-related deterioration).

What makes this castle so unique is the near to immaculate preserved interior. Due to its location far from the centre of Berlin, the castle was spared from the bombings of the Second World War and has consequently been fully preserved.

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Visitors should however not just view the castle itself but also the walkways which cut through the vast gardens and parkland surrounding it. Here the various themed gardens attract many and for visitors, are more magnificent than any they have ever seen before. A particular attraction and namesake for the entire island are the 30 peacocks that live and roam freely in the gardens.

One can only access the Peacock Island via ferry. Additionally one should take into account that especially during the holiday season e.g. Summer Holidays the visitor numbers here are particularly large.


Adress: Schloss Pfaueninsel, Nikolskoer Weg, 14109 Berlin

Opening from April to October, daily 10am to 6pm, November to March closed

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