The Allies Museum (Allied Museum) in Berlin -

The Allies Museum often referred to as the Allied Museum is located in what used to be known as Berlin's 'American Sector', on Clayallee in Dahlem, Steglitz-Zehlendorf in West Berlin. This used to be an American cinema, known as 'The Outpost', and the museum focuses on preserving the memory of the work done by the Western Allies during the period of the Cold War, from 1945 until 1990.

This was a difficult time for Germany, a nation still recovering from the ravages of the Second World War and National Socialism. The museum documents the period of the splitting of the city of Berlin into different international sectors, with Great Britain, the USA, France and the Soviet Union each taking control of a part of the city.

This arrangement made Berlin the centrepoint of the Cold War, and the museum houses an impressive collection of documents from the period from 1945 until 1990. This was when the Cold War began to end, as the wall divding Berlin's east from its west was torn down.

With material on the Soviet blockade and the airlift of 1948, as well as more mundane materials, the museum allows visitors to experience key moments from Cold War history, like the Khrushchev ultimatum and the famous tank stand-off at the iconic Checkpoint Charlie.

Visitors can watch films offering analysis of the situation as it stood in Berlin during this period, some of which contain former US President John F. Kennedy's famous speeches from 1963. British and French visitors can also view films detailing the experiences of their soldiers in the city during the 1980s, while there are also some stirring films about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the lives of ordinary Germans throughout the era. With special features for children, including participating in a mock spy adventure, the museum offers something for everyone, whether they are an adult or child, serious history student or interested passer-by.


Adress: Clayallee 135 - 14195 Berlin-Zehlendorf

Openings: daily (except wednesday) form 9am to 6pm


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